The Cool Stuff

Curious Roo Shots & Milk

A 3-hour workshop dedicated to Espresso and Milk

This workshop covers grinder calibration, espresso recipes, tamping, extraction and espresso evaluation. This will provide you with a greater understanding of how to confidently work and calibrate your grinder, follow an espresso recipe and how to consistently pull a great shot of espresso. It covers the steaming process (stretching & texturing), which we break down in a simple way and also latte art and drink preparation.

SCA Training

An opportunity for 1 person in your company to attend any SCA courses for free

At Curious Roo we understand that training is at the heart of any business. We offer 1 person from your company access to a wide range of SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) courses to attend, on us! We will liase with you to find out which areas are of interest in their in-depth coffee journey – is it Roasting, Brewing, Sensory or maybe Barista Skills. If they wish to obtain the certification, all you would need to do is pay a small fee for the certificate – otherwise it’s all on us.

We’ll come to you

Get professional training on your turf

We will send one of our specialty trainers to your site. They will take you and your team through your equipment, they can also go through anything you might require like: espresso preparation, milk techniques, latte art, drink preparation or work flow and ergonomics.

Curious Roo Community

You will be invited to a WhatsApp group called Curious Roo Community where like minded owners share interesting info, tips of the trade and of course vent about the highs and lows of running lovely shops. Whether you need a last minute fridge engineer, or a way of shouting about what you’ve been up to – this group is there for that reason.

Bookings & Contact

We will contact you regularly with dates for Curious Roo Shots & Milk (roughly two a month).
For this and other opportunities, feel free to get in touch and we will arrange it with you.

Please contact:

for anything else go to

Please provide a minimum of 2 weeks notice for Training.