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We’re Curious Roo – first and foremost a speciality wholesale business, helping coffee shops grow and succeed in serving beautiful coffee. We’re dedicated to experimenting with coffee to create new, perfectly balanced speciality roasts and we have come up with some that the industry thinks are pretty special. Our expert roasters mix the best beans with their insatiable curiosity and heaps of passion to create outstanding coffee. Unlike most roasteries, what we have to share with you is a very exciting Partnership Programme, where your brand can be on our coffees.

Our Coffees

Espresso Roasts

Single Origin Espresso

An exceptional coffee that has the wow factor; we have highlighted all the best qualities from each farm and showcased their coffees’ smooth and delicate flavours. These single origin espressos often enter and win Great Taste Awards.

Barn Door Blend

The Barn Door Blend is what made us famous; a smooth mouthfeel with flavours of red apple, milk chocolate and caramel. This coffee has resulted in queues outside many specialty coffee shops over the years.


This coffee is as versatile as it is tasty, cutting through the milk and holding its own as a long black. It’s designed to help your baristas create a coffee that keeps everyone happy and coming back for more.


Our Swiss Water Processed Decaf can be purchased in 1kg bags as part of the Partnership Programme or Curious Roo branded.

Filter Roasts

Single Origin

We offer an ever changing variety of single origin filter coffees for you to sell on your retail shelves or to whip up a batch brew/pour over for your customers. These change every 3 months and they give your baristas something exciting to try and the chance to discover new flavours within coffee.

MAR 1 - MAY 31


JUN 1 - AUG 31


SEP 1 - NOV 30


DEC 1 - FEB 28


The cool stuff

As well as amazing coffee, these are the other benefits & opportunities of partnering with us.

Curious Roo
Shots & Milk

A 3-hour workshop dedicated to espresso and milk

This workshop covers grinder calibration, espresso recipes, tamping, extraction and espresso evaluation. This will provide you with a greater understanding of how to
confidently work and calibrate your grinder, follow an espresso recipe and how to consistently pull a great shot of espresso. It covers the steaming process (stretching & texturing), which we break down in a simple way, and also latte art and drink preparation

Curious Roo

Access to an exclusive WhatsApp group

You will be invited to a WhatsApp group called Curious Roo Community where like-minded owners share interesting info, tips of the trade and of course vent about the highs and lows of running lovely shops. Whether you need a last minute fridge engineer, or a way of shouting about what you’ve been up to – this group, is there for that reason.


1 person in your company can attend SCA courses for free

At Curious Roo we understand that training is at the heart of any business. We offer 1 person from your company access to a wide range of SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) courses to attend, on us! We will liaise with you to find out which areas are of interest in their in-depth coffee journey – is it Roasting, Brewing, Sensory or maybe Barista Skills? If they wish to obtain the certification, all you would need to do is pay a small fee for the certificate – otherwise it’s all on us.

We'll come
to you

Get professional training on your turf

We will send one of our specialty trainers to your site.
They will take you and your team through your equipment, they can also go through anything you might require like: espresso preparation, milk techniques, latte art, drink preparation or work flow and ergonomics.


Create your very own branded 250g coffee bags.

Our Partnership Programme allows for fully bespoke branding on all our specialty coffees.

Equipment we know and love!

We sell

We are official distributors of all La Marzocco / Modbar coffee machines as well as Mythos One and EK grinders. We have been working with these companies since we started so we know the quality and the equipment inside and out. If you need any coffee equipment then let us know and we can give you a cheeky discount.

We rent

A very popular option for those who choose us as their wholesaler is to rent equipment. You can rent a beauty like the La Marzocco Linea PB 2 Group and a Mythos One grinder for as little as £250 a month, so get in touch today to chat about these options and more.

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