Single Origin / El Salvador – Felicita Ditamar



Dark Chocolate • Caramel • Nectarine • Honey • Plums • Round Body


La Palma, El Salvador


1200-1500 MASL


Fully Washed


Pacas, Pacamara




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Felicita Ditamar is an experienced farmer from El Tunel village in La Palma town. Twenty-seven years ago, she started working with coffee thanks to a program funded by the government to develop the area and promote coffee cultivation. She started with only 500 coffee seedlings planted at her father’s farm, a property that she later inherited. Three years later, when the plants were fully productive, she realized it was an opportunity to grow more coffee and to have an income. She saw progress in coffee; that is why her farm is named “El Progreso” to honor the growth opportunities and the chance to become an independent woman.

For Felicita, being a farmer has not been an easy path, but she has found strength and support in her family. Today, all her daughters and sons-in-law help manage and harvest the farm. Ten years ago, she started working with specialty coffee to improve farm management practices and quality. Nowadays, 75% of her total production is sold as specialty coffee. In the future, she plans to slowly improve drying infrastructure and plant more Pacamara trees to increase production. She shares that what motivates her to continue working in specialty coffees is to access better prices and knowing roasters are happy with her coffee. Thanks to coffee Felicita has improved her family’s lives.