Single Origin / Mexico – Lino Garcia

Cherry• Vanilla • Brown Sugar
Oaxaca,Santa Maria Ozolotepec, Mexico
1687 MASL
Fully Washed

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Ethically sourced from sustainable farms around the world.

Quality Coffee

Uniquely flavored beans that are processed with special care.

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Single Origin

Mexico • Lino Garcia


Lino, a small-scale organic farmer hailing from Santa María Ozolotepec, shifted his focus to specialty coffee in the pursuit of obtaining better prices and ensuring fair compensation for his coffee produce. Previously, he sold his coffee at 30 Mexican pesos per kilogram or $0.68 per pound. Collaborating closely with his wife and children at the El Pocito farm, named after a five-day hurricane that impacted the area over 50 years ago, Lino has dedicated his life to coffee cultivation.

The farm’s name, El Pocito, originated from a landslide caused by the hurricane, forming a well that flooded the crops. In commemoration of this event, Lino’s parents decided to name the farm El Pocito. Lino and his family adopt a meticulous approach to coffee production, harvesting only ripe cherries and pulping them on the same day. Subsequently, the coffee undergoes a 30-hour fermentation process, followed by drying on palm mats.

Lino actively manages the farm and oversees the harvest alongside his children, while his wife takes charge of the washing and drying procedures. Currently, Lino is content as he now receives prices that reflect the true value of his hard work and family efforts. Over the past two years, significant positive changes have occurred. During the off-season months, Lino diversifies his income by growing and selling maize.

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