Single Origin / Mexico – Hermegildo Marin

Gingerbread • Green Tea • Cherries
San Lucas Zoquiapan, Oxaca, Mexico
1500 MASL
Typica and Bourbon

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Ethically sourced from sustainable farms around the world.

Quality Coffee

Uniquely flavored beans that are processed with special care.

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Single Origin Filter Roast

Mexico Hermegildo Marin

The Árboles de Guajes farm takes its name from a native tree that grows in the area.
It is commonly known as the blood tree, also considered sacred. Behind this farm
and coffee are Hermegildo Marin and his family. For him, coffee production began
with his parents who taught him how to cultivate the land. Back then, it was the only
source of income they had. When his parents passed away, he inherited the plot.
Today, Hermegildo grows coffee alongside his family. His sons mainly supervise
tasks such as pruning, planting, renovations, and shade management. He and his
wife Aurelia Martinez take care after the harvest and drying stage.
Two years ago, he started working with a quality-focused approach. Now, he is
very motivated by knowing he can improve the plantation while constantly learning
better processing practices.
During the harvest season, this family carefully picks the coffee and fl oats it to
remove lower-density beans and achieve a cleaner cup. On the same day, they
remove the coffee pulp and ferment it for 24 hours to fi nally dry it for 12 days on
average. He says growing coffee and taking care of the land is a reminder of his
parents’ words: “look after the land, as it produces and you can make a living from it”.

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