Single Origin / Kenya – Ciumene Estate



Pink Grapefruit • Blackcurrant • Demerara Sugar


Gatundu South, Kiambu, Kenya


1830 MASL


Full-Washed, Sun Dried


Ruiru 11, Batian




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Daniel Kamiri Njoroge owns a 2.5 hectare farm in Gatundu, north of Nairobi. The topography, altitude and climate offer the perfect combination to grow coffee – a family tradition for Daniel. Daniel has named his farm “Ciumene”, a rallying call from his grandfather which means “may the harvest/results be big” in the local language Kikuyu. Daniel has been part of the Volcafe Way program since 2017, a year after our partner in Kenya, Taylor Winch (Coffee) Ltd launched the program. The Volcafe Way program aims at creating a sustainable and profitable business model for coffee growers and roasters, and draws on the expertise of our field teams, to document best-practice strategies. As part of this program, Daniel receives technical and business support from his Field Technician, Cyprian. In the past five years, Ciumene’s productivity has increased by 10%, costs of production have been cut in half, while maintaining a high quality of the cherries.

On his farm, Daniel pursue diversified activities: while coffee is his main source of income, he produces food crops alongside horticulture products and dairy cows. As an integral part of the farming activity, the farmer promotes planting of indigenous trees in sections of the farm and dedicates a third of his estate to conservation areas and forests.