Single Origin / Colombia - Mandela - Washed

Gummy Bears • Whiskey • Blueberry • Lychee
Trujillo, Colombia
1430-1760 MASL
Hybrid Washed

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Ethically sourced from sustainable farms around the world.

Quality Coffee

Uniquely flavored beans that are processed with special care.

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This Hybrid Washed processed Colombian coffee is grown by Café Granja la Esperanza in the Trujillo municipality. The farm sits at an elevation of between 1,470-1,760 meters above sea level (masl), has an average temperature of 21c, and humidity levels of around 80-90%, making it an almost perfect micro-climate for growing delicious coffee. The farm has a total crop area of 51.31 hectares which holds around 20,000 trees. This is a new variety called Mandela which is self pollinated, Caturra to Caturra. This coffee undergoes rigorous manual picking which is done during the harvesting peaks to guarantee the amount needed to obtain a good batch of natural coffee.

The hybrid washed process involves an initial dry fermentation stage before the traditional washed process is utilized. Typically this is between 24-40 hours for first fermentation and 24-36 hours after pulping. Beans are then solar dried.

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