Single Origin / Brazil – Daterra Full Bloom



Blueberry • Stone Fruit • Caramel • Cocoa


Cerrado, Minas Gerais, Brazil


1100-1200 MASL








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Falling within Brazil’s famous Cerrado that makes up nearly 23% of the entire country, Daterra are the world’s first grade A rainforest certified farm of any business, and a walk around the trees will reveal a stunning array of birds and wildlife, from toucans and burrowing owls to squirrel monkeys and maned wolves. Over 60% of the land they own is given over to nature reserves. The farm itself is split into many lots, each with a designated agronomist to care for the particular varietal and aspect each lot defines. With over 100 different varieties on their farms, development is tracked and planted paired with appropriate varietal. Selective mechanical picking is common in Brazil and occurs typically with 40-60% ripe coffee on the tree, with 5% green, 10% underripe, and the remaining cherries tree dried. A sample will be picked, processed and roasted to check the taste is as expected, before the order is given to pick the specific lot. Sorting is done on a specially adapted wet mill, first with density sorting that removes over ripes, then with the drier and natural beans being sorted very specifically by size from each lot. The tree dried beans are separated at initial sorting then placed for 24 hours on a large concrete patio before being finished in a drum drier, or Guardiola, to ensure consistency throughout the lot.

By cupping all the variables, the tasting team are able to precisely pick the components that make up each blend, to ensure the consistency of flavour profile required. The varietals can vary slightly, as selection is done on flavour profile rather than by varietal type, which for Full Bloom is ripe stone fruit, blueberry and lots of caramel. Beans are size, density and electronic pentachromatically sorted and packed into 24.2kg Penta Boxes, a packaging system created by Daterra themselves in order to preserve the quality of green for as long as possible.