Curious Roo has allowed Edwin and Magda to realise their roasting dream and they’re now supplying their delicious coffee to coffee shops across the UK.

Having both spent a year in Uganda, Edwin and Magda decided to shun the usual 9-5 and  made it their aim to bring quality coffee to the UK. Their plan was simple: GREAT COFFEE and the rest will fall into place. Edwin was brought up here, whilst Magda brings a passion for authentic fine tasting coffee – coming from Australia where coffee is more of an obsession than a drink. However now that Curious Roo is up and running, they realise they are working 5-9 instead of the usual 9-5!

The name Curious Roo comes from their curiosity to explore different flavours within coffee; whilst having a nod to Magda’s home Australia – as well as their little boy’s favourite character in Winnie the Poo being Roo!

They are based in a converted warehouse in Chiswick, and as an independent small batch roastery they source specialty grade coffee from origins around the world. They are known for supplying free on going and awesome coffee training through the Artisan Coffee School. If you want to know more, they are always happy to sit over a coffee and chat about their journey and help others on theirs.